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Portable Suction Unit

Portable Suction Unit

Structure and Operation Principle of the Device

  • Does not contaminate the environment with oil mist thanks to the maintenance and lubrication-free air pump thereof.
  • It has a very low operation sound and does not create noise in the environment used.
  • The device has an autoclavable polycarbonate liquid collection jar, plastic jar lid with flood prevention float system and negative pressure gauge.
  • The built-in control knob on the front panel allows vacuuming at the required amount.
  • It suitable for external treatment because it is light and easily carryable.

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Features of Armo Portable Suction Unit:

  • Silicone tubes;  6×10 mm 1.5m length and also autoclavable)
  • Air Filter: 2 pieces
  • Collection Jar; 100ml as well as Autoclavable with overflow valve system
  • vaccum adjustment knob
  • vaccum indicator
  • .EN ISO 10079-1: High vacuum/Low air flow
  • Power Supply:  AC220V ± 10% – 50Hz ± 2%
  • Input Power: 180VA
  • Fuse: F 1 x 1.6AL 250 V
  • Maximum vacuum Pressure limit (without jar):   -0.75bar -75kPa -563mmHg
  •  Noise: ≤55dB (A)
  • Finally on-off swich
  • Weight: 2.41 kg
  • Dimensions: 240x190x130 mm


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