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The first class quality full-field digital mammography -Elegant stand-alone design -High quality image -Low radiation -Comfortable experience -Easy and safe to use -Powerful assist diagnosis software


Dedicated for diagnosis of women's breast diseases, such as breast tumor, calcification, nodule and breast cancer. It is the golden standard for early diagnosis of breast disease and health check.

The first class quality full-field digital mammography
-Elegant stand-alone design
-High quality image
-Low radiation
-Comfortable experience
-Easy and safe to use
-Powerful assist diagnosis software

Pixel pitch: 85*85 um
DQE: ~65% @ 1 lp/mm
MTF: >50% @ 5 lp/mm
Spatial resolution: 6 lp/mm
Time between X-ray images: < 30 s
Pixel Gathering Matrix: 2016*2816 pixels (Optional : 2816*3584 pixels)
Detector Size: 17*24 cm (Optional: 24*30 cm)
This detector is ghost-free operation on the images.

Excellent Imaging Link Control
Low radiation
- Highly Integrated, Low-Ripple, High Frequency and High Voltage patented generator
- Full Automatic Exposure patent technology
- With Automatic Filter Choice
- Field Adjustment Techniques
To achieve the best image quality within the shortest exposure time, and minimize the radiation.

Superior "Iso-center rotation" technology
Comfortable and convenient experience
"Iso-center rotation" patent technology, rotated by the center of breast automatically (show the angle by digital), take pictures from multi-angle without patient relocation, improve inspection efficiency and patient's experience.
The rotation range of the C-Arm: -135°~ +180°

Comprehensive humanize design with patient in mind
Easy to use, and safe

Multiple user-friendly design, easy to use with high efficiency
"Iso-center rotation", C-Arm rotated by the center of breast, easily to take pictures from multi-angle.
All breast positioning movements are electric controlled, convenient with high efficiency
Touchable control panel at both side, easy for operation and adjustment.

Multiple safety designs for the protection of patient
Soft breast pressing technology, enhance the patient comfort while ensure fully squeezing of breast, with digital display of thickness and pressing force.
Emergency releasing switch ensures patient safety in urgent situation.
Automatic releasing of pressing after exposure and round design of pressing panel greatly reduce the discomfort of the patient

Powerful capability of digital image processing
Plenty diagnose functions with networking capability
Powerful capability of digital processing, comprehensive functions of patient management, data gathering and image reconstruction, viewing and measuring, typesetting, printing, storage, provides rich aides for diagnosis
Advanced networking functions, support DICOM 3.0 standard and all kinds of HIS, RIS, PACS systems to achieve the realization of perfect link
User-friendly interface, simple and easy to operate.


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