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Mobile Digital Radiography X-Ray System


Mobile Digital Radiography X-Ray System




The ECOVIEW 300 System is easy to use, flexible and powerful for every situation. With its motor driven, you are able to operate it in small emergency rooms.
This digital unit performs excellent image quality and easy handling to be experienced, combined with wireless portable panel and built in work station.


Motor driven system

There are 2 independent motors in EcoVeiw 300 that you can drive the unit quickly, effortless the driving velocity is up to 5km/h, and anti-collision sensors protect itself against any obstacle.


Capacitor bank

New built-in ultra capacitor bank is more durable and efficient compared to equipments with only battery banks.
When the unit is charged, EcoView 300 makes radiographic exemptions without being plugged to AC outlet.

Tube handle bar

Operators can manage exposure parameters and observe the tube angle position through overhead from touch screen display.
Also, EcoView 300 is making small position adjustment by overhead tube handle (4 buttons can serve this fine positional).


Built-in workstation

The built-in workstation, makes it easy to preview images on site.
Simple to handle and with its communication system offer better workflow efficiency.

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Portable detector

Using a 14˝ x 17˝ wireless portable detector, it fits to any study size needed. With its removable handle, makes it more comfortable to manage.

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